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Blue Ocean Strategy #2

Be The Pilot of Your Life

Analytical Tools and Frameworks

How do you break out of this Red Oceans of bloody competition to make the competition irrelevant? How do you open up and capture a Blue Oceans of uncontested market space?

To address these questions, we turn to the strategy canvas, an analytic framework that is central to value innovation and the creation of Blue Oceans.

The value curve, the basic component of the strategy canvas, is a graphic depiction of a company’s relative performance across it’s industry’s factors of competition. To set a company on a strong, profitable growth trajectory in the face of these industry conditions, it won’t work to benchmark competitors and try to outcompete them by offering a little more for little less.

Therefore, to reconstruct buyer value elements in crafting a new value curve, Blue Oceans have developed the four actions frameworks.


Which factors should be reduced…

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